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UNIT 1 - Basics of Comfort for Footwear +

This training unit will help you to understand the terminology, concepts and definitions that the footwear comfort operates with.

UNIT 2 - Fashion for Comfort & Healthy Footwear +

This training unit will help you to understand fashion and new trends in relationship with the needs for comfort of the Comfort footwear target audience.

UNIT 3 - Foot Anatomy, Ergonomics and Biomechanics +

This training unit will teach you about ergonomics, podiatric and biomechanical features, namely body, leg and foot functions and movements, blood circulations, muscles function, temperature regulation, swelling, among many others, and existing diseases namely foot deformations or disorders among others, related to lack of comfort.

UNIT 4 - Testing and Specifications of Materials, Components and Footwear for Comfort +

This training unit will help you to know the quality control testing methods, standards and equipment for measuring the comfort parameters of materials, footwear and components.

UNIT 5 - Materials and Components for Comfort & Healthy Footwear +

In this training unit youll learn about the behaviour of the standard and innovative materials and components, facing up all process variables and responses to the comfort and healthy requirements. In addition youll know how the properties related to comfort of the materials change over use according to the target group requirements.

UNIT 6 - Customized Footwear and Components +

This training unit will lead you to understand the difference between orthopaedic footwear and customised footwear, as well as various levels of customisation applied to footwear manufacturing.

UNIT 7 - Lasts for Comfort & Healthy Footwear Manufacturing +

In this training unit youll understand deeply the fitting phenomena and the relationships among foot-last-footwear. Youll know the methods and tools (including specialized software) for designing, modifying and adapting the lasts.

UNIT 8 - Comfort & Healthy Footwear Product Engineering +

This training unit will help you to understand the footwear product engineering, including CAD technologies, while meeting various comfort & healthy features according to design specification.

UNIT 9 - Comfort & Healthy Footwear Prototyping and Assessment +

In this training unit youll have an overall knowledge on how the classical manufacturing technologies, including cutting, closing, assembling, soling, finishing, and also the new emerging technologies (3D printing) affect the comfort and healthy features of materials, components and footwear. Youll get to know the footwear comfort assessment protocols and criteria, that are applied in all stages of the manufacturing process.

UNIT 10- Comfort & Healthy Footwear Manufacturing +

Here youll understand how various manufacturing technologies (cutting, closing, assembling, soling, finishing) affect the comfort &healthy features of footwear. Youll learn about quality management systems and strategies for production planning in order to develop collaborative management and to share information among various departments of the footwear company.

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